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Why do I never get interested when writing programs to others

2020-04-15 . Views 2560 . Words 187

Recently I was writing a front-end interface for a WeChat app for someone else, and every night I sat down reluctantly, ...

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Handshake DNS Settings

2020-03-21 . Views 3360 . Words 175

From the official email of namebase, we can quickly set the resolution of handshake domain name in the background. > ...

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What Are the Manufacturers Or Brands of Kf94 Masks in South Korea

2020-03-04 . Views 27714 . Words 98

## KF94 brand Kf94 is a set of masks standard in South Korea, similar to kn95 in China. Just like our country has ma ...

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Laravel 7 Is Released, New Features And Changes

2020-03-04 . Views 5626 . Words 238

Laravel 7 is not LTS, currently only laravel 6 and 5.5 are LTS. ## Speed up route cache Improving the performance of ...

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How to Place the Server Coupon Links

2020-03-03 . Views 5225 . Words 202

Shocked by the rebate intensity of Alibaba cloud's purchase season this month, we decided to strengthen the transformati ...

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Wechat Reading On the Kindle

2020-03-03 . Views 6306 . Words 70

Since Wechat Reading APP has published a web page version, wechat reading can now be used directly on the Kindle. ## ...

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Vuejs V-model Automatically Converts Input Strings to Numbers

2020-03-02 . Views 8748 . Words 110

## JS type conversion bugs Even if type = "number" is specified in the HTML input input input box, it often occurs that ...

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Golang Include Nested Template With Variable

2020-02-29 . Views 5751 . Words 49

## golang gin controller Send variable kv to template ``` c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "index.html", gin.H{ "kv": kv, ...

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Javascript Capitalizes Each Word in the English Title

2020-02-29 . Views 2533 . Words 110

Most of the content of my English blog comes from the translation of my Chinese blog. In order to save time, I want to f ...

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Comparison of Golang Gin, Kotlin Springboot, PHP Laravel and How to Choose

2020-02-29 . Views 9969 . Words 367

Different business scenarios use different framework. ## PHP Laravel Advantage: - Development efficiency is not ...

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