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Cycling Goggles, Essential For Cycling to Work

Posted on:2020-06-15 Views:9654 Words:347

Why I need a pair of cycling goggles

At the end of May, the epidemic eased up and I started cycling to work. I wore a normal mask to avoid inhaling dust from the road. However, the sand raised by the big car on the main road, as well as small flying insects, willow wool, often into the eyes. The most serious time, in the morning a small flying insect into the eyes, until the night drops of eye drops before the discharge. Constant tears throughout the day had no effect. This kind of pain, I really do not want to experience a second time.

Spit it out, the western section of the Yantai Development Zone is too dusty. In contrast to the east, construction lots are equipped with spray dustproof equipment, the west side of the woolly measures are not. No one sweeps either, negative points. No difference from Saudi Arabia on weekdays.

The need for glasses

  • It is effective against sandstorms.
  • No fogging. Because I’ve worn regular goggles in the winter, the moisture coming out of the mask directly causes them to fog up and I can’t see anything. But when riding this is totally unacceptable. Accident prone.
  • Not easy to drop.

Goggle comparison

The final choice, Honeywell Hypershock Safety Glasses. The only hesitation is that the white lenses will be Honeywell is the brand I was searching for when the epidemic first started earlier this year. Just for the first time know, checked actually is the world 500 strong. Look at the product description is completely in line with my needs, anyway, not expensive, in the evening to buy water purifier filter cartridge improvise a single bought a pair.

The anti-side leak design is pretty sweet. The only concern is that it will look like it just came out of the lab when you bring it on.

Comparing the 3M … It seems that mask manufacturers generally make protective eyewear as well. Honeywell’s are a little more pleasing to the eye. Decathlon’s glasses were worried about the workmanship.