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How I Access Google as a Developer in China

Posted on:2019-10-07 Views:2985 Words:151

Recent days, almost all way to access Google are banned by GFW in China. My SS client does not work either.

As a develop, it make me crazy. Without Google, I can do nothing.

I made a new English website these days, but without Google service, I can not:

  • add Google Analytics, or daily data
  • use Google Search Console to submit sitemap
  • view income per day in Google AdSense

But I found a better way to access Google, without any risk being found by GFW, and ban my IP.

Use oracle cloud newbie free tier.

The Free Trial provides you with $300 of cloud credits that are valid for up to 30 days.

So I create a Windows 2008 RC server VM, and access it using Remote Desktop by port 3389. Then I access Google on remote windows server …

Althougth sometimes it’s slow, but it works.