Laravel 7 Is Released, New Features And Changes

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Laravel 7 is not LTS, currently only laravel 6 and 5.5 are LTS.

Speed up route cache

Improving the performance of laravel is a top priority. Laravel 7 claims to improve the speed of route caching. Take the simplest Hello world, for example, and it's twice as fast. But still not good.

Built in HTTP client

In fact, it's the encapsulation of guzzle, which is much more convenient. You don't need to import guzzle manually anymore.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Http;
$response = Http::post('url', [
    'name' => 'Laravel',

echo $response['foo'];


Customized eloquent casts

I have no need for this. The built-in cast type has met my needs.

Laravel Airlock

A set of API certification system designed for single page application and mobile app. A single user can generate multiple tokens at the same time. Chicken ribs, who will use laravel for API services before it can solve performance problems.

Chain operation of string

return (string) Str::of('  Laravel Framework 6.x ')
    ->trim ()
    ->replace('6.x', '7.x')
    ->slug ();


In general, I still don't have the impulse to upgrade laravel 7. After all, it's non lts version. At present, most of the scenarios using laravel are web projects on one server, and the upgrading of many historical projects is of little significance.

Reference resources

For details on the new functions of laravel 7, please refer to:

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