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Why do I never get interested when writing programs to others

Posted on:2020-04-15 Views:2559 Words:187

Recently I was writing a front-end interface for a WeChat app for someone else, and every night I sat down reluctantly, grinding for two hours and not producing much. Before I go to bed, I look back on what I did during the night and feel like I didn’t do anything, even though I wrote a lot of code, I still feel bored.

Originally thought to be chairs, the table was uncomfortable. Consider running to the couch to write a program on your laptop and maybe get in a better mood. But I analyzed it, and the fundamental reason is that the writing itself is not used, it feels worthless, and does not feel a sense of achievement. And I write to myself, even in the wee hours of the morning.

On second thought, if in the process of writing programs for others, one can create tools that one can reuse oneself, then the process has fun. Then it wouldn’t feel dull and uncomfortable to sit still.

See if you can find some points tonight where you can make tools to automate those tedious front-end development efforts.