how to fix golang gin warning: "you trusted all proxies this is not safe. we recommend you to set a value"

2023-04-24 . Views 7431 . Words 234

When run golang gin server in my development environment, some warning message shows: ``` - [GIN-debug] [WARNING] You ...

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Golang Parsing Csv File, Parse Error: Extraneous Or Missing " in Quoted-field

2020-06-22 . Views 13291 . Words 283

The system for parsing Baidu Statistics CSV logs has been running for almost a month with no problems. But this morning, ...

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Upgrade Go Install Installed Versions of 3rd Party Tools

2020-06-06 . Views 10283 . Words 184

Today, while using the adm generate command from GoAdmin, I found a new version prompt. > GoAdmin CLI v1.2.9, the lat ...

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Golang Debug Third Party Libraries Code on Local Machine

2020-06-03 . Views 12443 . Words 154

GoAdmin, which is a golang library being used in my golang project, found a bug in the datetime component. - Time com ...

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golang reads and parses csv files

2020-05-26 . Views 11209 . Words 240

Exported and downloaded the CSV file of live visitors from the Baidu statistics background. I want to parse it locally a ...

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golang line break error: expected statement, found '.'

2020-04-27 . Views 9446 . Words 78

When writing golang code, I encountered a line of code that was too long, so I habitually refer to PHP's line break meth ...

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Reduce the File Size of the Golang Build Compiled Package

2020-04-23 . Views 9239 . Words 146

After using Golang Gin wrote the backend program with GoAdmin, the volume of the distribution package generated by go bu ...

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Golang Gin & Nginx to Get Real Ip of Visitors

2020-04-23 . Views 10992 . Words 55

In the golang gin controller c.ClientIP() Gets the IP of the request, but gets Presumably Nginx ...

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Go Get Show Golang Package Download Progress

2020-04-17 . Views 6580 . Words 112

It took a long time to execute today while downloading a golang package, and it didn't finish. The order is as follow ...

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Golang Include Nested Template With Variable

2020-02-29 . Views 5751 . Words 49

## golang gin controller Send variable kv to template ``` c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "index.html", gin.H{ "kv": kv, ...

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