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how to fix golang gin warning: "you trusted all proxies this is not safe. we recommend you to set a value"

2023-04-24 . Views 7106 . Words 234

When run golang gin server in my development environment, some warning message shows: ``` - [GIN-debug] [WARNING] You ...

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WeChat Official Account Writing Strategy in China

2023-04-20 . Views 1451 . Words 821

Someone asked a writer if he could sum up his successful experience in one sentence. The author says: > "All I can tel ...

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Install PostgreSQL database on WSL Ubuntu 18.04

2023-04-18 . Views 1676 . Words 257

## Install ``` sudo apt update sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib ``` ## View the version number ``` > psq ...

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Correspondence between Huawei HarmonyOS and Android Version

2023-04-17 . Views 1804 . Words 277

Before developing a Bluetooth intercom app running on a Huawei tablet, I did not test the tablet device at first, but I ...

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Refactoring php laravel web site based on golang gin

2023-04-12 . Views 1467 . Words 419

This idea came about two months ago when I implemented a Chinese-English bilingual product introduction website with gol ...

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Golang Parsing Csv File, Parse Error: Extraneous Or Missing " in Quoted-field

2020-06-22 . Views 13124 . Words 283

The system for parsing Baidu Statistics CSV logs has been running for almost a month with no problems. But this morning, ...

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Modify the Shell Opened By Default in Windows Terminal

2020-06-16 . Views 11023 . Words 131

Every time you open Windows Terminal, it opens the Power Shell by default, but I only use WSL Ubuntu. So, I would lik ...

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Cycling Goggles, Essential For Cycling to Work

2020-06-15 . Views 9497 . Words 347

## Why I need a pair of cycling goggles At the end of May, the epidemic eased up and I started cycling to work. I wore ...

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Upgrade Go Install Installed Versions of 3rd Party Tools

2020-06-06 . Views 10125 . Words 184

Today, while using the adm generate command from GoAdmin, I found a new version prompt. > GoAdmin CLI v1.2.9, the lat ...

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Golang Debug Third Party Libraries Code on Local Machine

2020-06-03 . Views 12058 . Words 154

GoAdmin, which is a golang library being used in my golang project, found a bug in the datetime component. - Time com ...

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