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WeChat Official Account Writing Strategy in China

Posted on:2023-04-20 Views:1537 Words:821

Someone asked a writer if he could sum up his successful experience in one sentence.

The author says:

“All I can tell you is get down to writing and keep writing. Because I know it will work.”

The reason for changing to the official account

  • Changes in search habits in China. Because even myself, when I am not next to the computer, I will use WeChat search first. My feeling is that the content quality of the WeChat official account is more guaranteed than Baidu result. Although the quantity is not as many as search engines, it is better in quality, and the page is cleaner.
  • The fall of website advertising in China


  • Chinese website blog, only as a note, and material source
  • Prioritize the website to take notes, use it as material, and then organize it into the WeChat official account
  • Combined with ChatGPT, do content optimization
  • Synchronized to the English website, focusing on domestic characteristics and attracting corresponding overseas traffic
  • Organize the existing blog materials into themes and synchronize them to the WeChat official account and English website in batches
  • But if you want to follow the traffic route, you still need to combine with hot spots and the latest technology. It is difficult to attract traffic by relying on old content. For example, the principle and cost of AutoGPT.
  • Article numbers, made into series. For example, the rasa series. Facilitate system learning
  • Do some traffic testing of tools. For example, as mentioned at the end of the article, there are promotional drafts and packaging box design, followed by product development.
  • You don’t need to wait for it to be perfect before releasing it. It is important to publish
  • The official account link is stored in the website database, and the corresponding link is added on the page to facilitate three-party inclusion. Add the link to the English version in the same way
  • Don’t worry about users unfollowing. Just like the official account of Google developers I subscribed to, I am actually only interested in a small part of the content, but even if he pushes it every day, I will not resist it, let alone unfollow it. Because I know there is always some valuable content out there.
  • You don’t need to pay too much attention to the data, just keep outputting. According to the operating experience of the website, whenever a hot spot is caught up, the traffic and fans will skyrocket. Many hot styles are the result of unintentional insertion.

release time

If you can release content every day, then it is meaningful to release content on a regular basis, and it can give fans a daily expectation. For example, I follow a big programmer who updates on time at 8 o’clock every day, regardless of the weather, and the quality of the content is still high. I just checked it out on my way to work to pass the time.

But if you can’t, there’s no need.

Practical experience has found that scheduled releases are quite convenient. For example, you can reserve content to be released tomorrow to improve efficiency.

Time point selection, I think 7:45 is good, I tried 8 o’clock before, but I was worried that it would conflict with some people’s working hours, so I extracted 15 minutes to release.
Of course, the release at 8 o’clock also has advantages, that is, it is convenient for memory and increases fans’ expectations. It is also easy to edit.

Press release and box first, then product development

Nest, a home smart device brand, has a press release and packaging box first, and then develops products.

“When you write a press release, you think about which features are newsworthy and which ones are really important.”

Because the average person reads a press release, it takes at most 30 seconds. If within 30 seconds, he is not interested, he will ignore your product. So, you have to make sure that the most newsworthy and engaging parts of the product are presented in the press release.

It’s as if you take the same elevator with the investor, from the 1st floor to the 14th floor, and you only have this little time to talk to him. Every sentence has to be well thought out in order to arouse the interest of investors.

Once you have the right press release, you know which features to focus on.

Then, start designing the box.

“The packaging defines the product. The physical constraints of the box force you to think about how these functions should be presented.”

Along the way, you refine your idea until you distill the essence of your product into something you can pick up off the shelf and buy.

Finally, after determining the function and shape of the product, the actual product can be developed.