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Comparison of Golang Gin, Kotlin Springboot, PHP Laravel and How to Choose

Posted on:2020-02-29 Views:9721 Words:367

Different business scenarios use different framework.

PHP Laravel


  • Development efficiency is not so fast. When there is an idea, it can be realized in an instant. I still think that if it’s as a personal side project, as a trial and error, it’s really the first choice to develop with laravel.
  • PHP as the best language, all kinds of three-party services will provide SDK, or reference, the developer community environment is very good.
  • Laravel is updated frequently, and the new features are really sweet.


  • CPU loss is very high. As a result, the number of concurrent requests that laravel can handle is extremely limited. Although web pages can be solved by static caching, it is not suitable for the development of interface classes. Even all non website projects developed for customers are not suitable for use.
  • When laravel’s services need to be deployed on the client server, the code cannot be encrypted for protection.

Golang Gin


  • Simple code, good standard
  • High performance. It is suitable to give full play to the performance of low configuration servers.
  • Package management is convenient. You can easily publish your own package to GitHub.
  • Easy to upgrade golang version

- Gin’s built-in capabilities are a little less
- Limited SDK support for three-party servers, continuous wheel building required

Kotlin SpringBoot


  • Kotlin is really a good language, making up for Java
  • Spring is so powerful that you can find much functions

- High memory requirements. It is not suitable to deploy multiple websites at the same time on a single server.

At this stage

The personal servers I use now are all 1-core 1g minimum servers with small memory. In order to squeeze servers and run as many servers and websites as possible on the top. At present, PHP laravel / WordPress is used to develop websites and cooperate with golang gin to write frequently called interfaces or web pages.

When the business grows and the low configuration server can’t handle it, consider the implementation of kotlin springboot.

Consider using kotlin springboot on the company server to rewrite some businesses and practice.