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Comparison of Various Types of Note Taking Software

Posted on:2020-04-15 Views:2520 Words:522

Since I switched phones last night, I struggled with which note taking software to use and finally chose WeChat’s own note taking feature. That is, the new notes function in the collection.

My functional needs for note taking software

  • Simplicity. Preferably in a pure markdown format. Without attaching all sorts of weird formats.
  • Multi-platform synchronization: PC Windows system + Android system can be synchronized quickly and steadily without losing data.
  • Image upload is supported.
  • The installation package should be small.
  • No need for complicated directory sorting functions, because eventually I sync to the site.
  • Free.

I looked into some software.


SimpleNote has been my primary note-taking tool for several years.

- Simplicity. Markdown support.
- Multi-platform support.
- Sync speed is okay.

- Image upload is not supported.
- JS writes a huge Windows client installer with some weird pop-up errors.
- Google Play to download Android version


OneNote is freely used all the time, but not as often as SimpleNote. I only use it when I need to upload a lot of pictures.

- The editing features are indeed powerful.
- Multi-platform support.
- Support for uploading images.

- The sync function has bugs. often the sync is slow and even the contents of the phone and computer are not synchronized.
- The operating experience on the phone is not good.


Using an Office class tool to take notes is a bit like killing a chicken with a cattle knife. And word-like software will always be smart enough to do some default conversions, such as capitalizing initials and replacing quotation marks. And these features have severely impacted my writing experience.

- The synchronization function is stable and fast.
- Support for multiple platforms.
- Uploading images is supported.

- Complex functionality, no Markdown support
- The installation package is huge and flooded with ads.
- Non-member storage space is limited.

Pure Writing APP

The experience was good and the installer package was very small, unfortunately I had no plans to write the book.

Mobile phone system comes with a notepad feature

Multi-platform synchronization is a big problem and is generally not supported on the computer side.

WeChat’s own notes feature

In the end I chose the notes feature that comes with the WeChat client.

Comparison of Various Types of Note Taking Software

- Multi-platform support and easy synchronization. With WeChat’s ability to sync data, no one should doubt it.
- Functional simplicity. Exactly what I want for a Markdown editor, which is actually pure note-taking.
- Pictures can be uploaded.
- The 2G has twice as much storage space as the WPS, which is more than enough.
- Installation free. I have the WeChat client on all my devices, saving me the trouble of installing it separately. For example, if I already have Office on my laptop, I definitely don’t want to install a WPS anymore.

- There are no shortcuts and it takes a few points to get into the feature.

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