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Deepl Translate Quality And Youdao, Baidu Translation, Google Translation Comparison

Posted on:2020-04-15 Views:3473 Words:179

A German company has recently made a very popular translation software, deepl, which does translate very well in some scenarios. So I wanted to compare and test the translation.

Take a Chinese sentence as an example.


  • Deepl Translation: Why I never get interested in writing programs for people
  • Youdao Translation: Why am I never interested in programming someone else
  • Baidu translation: Why I never get interested in writing programs for others
  • Google Translate: Why do I never get interested when writing programs to others

It can be seen that.

  • The Youdao translation is of the worst quality, with obvious grammatical errors
  • The other three are about the same, but feel Google’s translation quality is the best. deepl doesn’t show a clear advantage. Of course, the test cases are too few to be persuasive.

However, I still like deepl because the markdown format is translated and the result can be preserved in the format.