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The Feasibility of Translating all Chinese Blogs into English

Posted on:2020-02-28 Views:4947 Words:222

Even into a variety of languages.

Original Intention

  • More people see it. For example, some of the content is predictive.
  • Practice writing in English. Since my code does not use English comments, I feel that the ability of English writing has declined significantly.
  • Get approved by Google as soon as possible. According to the new regulations of January 19, even if there is an Adsense account, the new website needs to be reviewed.
  • As the disaster recovery of domestic blog. The domestic content control is more and more strict, so we should be ready for the recruitment.


  • Multi language update at the same time is tedious. For example, the content needs to be updated, multi language updates at the same time, too tired. If only two languages, it’s easy.
  • The point is to overcome laziness


Complete the goal of UV 500 for English blog website per day.

Content Selection

From the beginning of program related, based on two considerations.

  • Program related English writing is relatively simple and requires little vocabulary
  • As kotlin and golang are relatively new, overseas content is also rare and easy to search


The principle is displayed on the right side of the edit page.

To prevent laziness, all blogs will be translated.