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Handshake DNS Settings

Posted on:2020-03-21 Views:3317 Words:175

From the official email of namebase, we can quickly set the resolution of handshake domain name in the background.

We’re deploying nameservers for all Namebase customers, so you’ll soon be able to create your own subdomains (i.e. create hello.world if you own .world) and set CNAME records and A records just like you would on a normal domain.

Nextdns will support handshake domain name

NextDNS, one of Firefox’s Trusted Recursive Resolvers, will natively support Handshake in its resolver. This means that anyone can get set up to resolve Handshake names in less than 30 seconds.
After checking, nextdns is a recursive DNS, similar to

  • of Google
  • Cloudflare’s

Firefox enable nextdns

Firefox - > Options - > General - > network settings - > Settings - > enable DNS over HTTPS (DOH).

Google Chrome enable DOH

  • Enter chrome: / / flags in the address bar/
  • Search for DNS over HTTPS and select enabled.
  • Restart chrome.
  • But no custom DOH server settings were found…