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How to Place the Server Coupon Links

Posted on:2020-03-03 Views:4951 Words:202

Shocked by the rebate intensity of Alibaba cloud’s purchase season this month, we decided to strengthen the transformation effect.


  • Describe clearly
  • Enough exposure
  • Traceable

Pictures be better than words?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures.

The original intention of interface design is to guide users. If a sentence can be explained, there is no need for a diagram. And waste CDN traffic.

Add a small icon, like new icon.

Independent page, or jump directly

I think independent pages are better because

  • It can be described clearly and more truthfully
  • SEO is easy.
  • Can accumulate more activity information
  • It can be updated and archived. It’s not that I’m too energetic to renew it
  • Will too many outbound links in all pages be bad, even if they are nofollow.
  • It also facilitates internal drainage of other articles
  • Traceable


Developer benefits.

It seems that it is more natural than directly called “Alibaba cloud coupons”, and the advertising flavor is not so heavy.


  • Top menu
  • At the bottom of the article page. Does not affect reading.