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Reduce the File Size of the Golang Build Compiled Package

Posted on:2020-04-23 Views:8862 Words:146

After using Golang Gin wrote the backend program with GoAdmin, the volume of the distribution package generated by go build has reached a whopping 30M. Upload Ali Cloud Server, which has a transfer speed of 400K/s for 1 minute.


Find a solution online, plus compilation parameters.

go build -ldflags "-s-w"

The volume has been reduced to 23M.


File size drops by about a quarter.

Compilation parameters

  • The function of -s is to remove symbolic information. If you remove the symbol table, the stack trace will not see the file name and the wrong line number information when you golang panic.
  • The purpose of -w is to remove DWARF tables debugging information. The result is that the program you get won’t debug with GDB.

DWARF tables

DWARF tables needed for debuggers

More extreme compression methods