What Are the Manufacturers Or Brands of Kf94 Masks in South Korea

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KF94 brand

Kf94 is a set of masks standard in South Korea, similar to kn95 in China.

Just like our country has many kn95 brands, Korea kf94 also has many brands.

Here are some common kf94 brands:

  • atmosphere sky
  • atex
  • air puri
  • bsm breath
  • clean care
  • co&bo
  • cottknday
  • dobu mask
  • dr.puri
  • hanaro
  • harmony
  • innocent
  • koreaairtech
  • makelead
  • miro
  • premium
  • purum mask
  • the good
  • tamsau
  • type-s mask
  • yel-low

Common kf94 mask color

Black / White / yellow


Robert Armen

which kf94 masks  companies manufacturers would you recommend are the best ones?

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