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Windows Terminal Default Configuration Ctrl V Conflicts With Vim Shortcuts

Posted on:2020-06-02 Views:12410 Words:131

When using Windows Terminal, it was found that ctrl v conflicts with the column operation shortcut of vim.


Modify the configuration file.

Click on “Down arrow” - “Settings” and select Notepad to open the JSON format configuration file.

Find this configuration.

// Copy and paste are bound to Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V in your defaults.json.
// These two lines additionally bind them to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
// To learn more about selection, visit https://aka.ms/terminal-selection
{ "command": { "action": "copy", "singleLine": false }, "keys": "ctrl+c" },
{ "command": "paste", "keys": "ctrl+v" },

Comment the ctrl v line.

// { "command": "paste", "keys": "ctrl+v" },

Just save.

Copy/paste shortcut

It turns out that Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V are the default copy/paste shortcuts in Windows Terminal by default.